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Next Course: Automated Testing for PHP

Bristol, UK

March 13th & 14th 2018

£1000 ex VAT

Automatically testing your applications is incredibly important when you're developing professional, resilient apps -- and working with PHP is no exception. Knowing how and where to start when you've decided to start automated testing can be intimidating, so this two-day course in Bristol will cover (from scratch) everything you'll need to know to start testing your applications with industry standard tools such as PHPUnit. We'll include how to start testing (and why you should) and look at Unit, Integration and Acceptance testing, along with how you can automate the running of your test suite using continuous integration software for an even higher level of confidence.

The course is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with a little experience in writing automated tests and is delivered by Rob Allen and Gary Hockin; two industry recognised experts who have given courses around the world. You'll be part of a tiny group to make sure that the quality of the lessons is the highest possible, and lunch on both days will be provided.


        use Zend\Expressive\Helper\ServerUrlMiddleware;
        use Zend\Expressive\Helper\UrlHelperMiddleware;
        use Zend\Expressive\Middleware\ImplicitHeadMiddleware;
        use Zend\Expressive\Middleware\ImplicitOptionsMiddleware;
        use Zend\Expressive\Middleware\NotFoundHandler;
        use Zend\Stratigility\Middleware\ErrorHandler;

        * Setup middleware pipeline:
        // The error handler should be the first (most outer) middleware to catch
        // all Exceptions.

Finding the right people to improve your team's skills can be difficult, but here at PHP Training, we're celebrated for making even the most complicated topics understandable.

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The Right People

Our trainers are so helpful they're asked to speak at PHP conferences around the world!

Rob Allen

Rob Allen is a developer and trainer with proven industry experience creating PHP applications. He contributes to various Open Source projects, including leadership of the popular Slim Framework. He wrote the definitive book on Zend Framework and is a member of the Zend Framework Review team. An experienced speaker, Rob has the ability to communicate complex ideas simply, so that you can be sure you'll learn what you need to know from his courses.

Gary Hockin

Gary has been working in development for nearly 20 years and has been delivering training for the last eight. He's a member of the Zend Framework Review team and regularly contributes to multiple Open Source projects. Gary's an internationally renowned speaker and has delivered keynotes at several PHP conferences. Gary loves to teach and prides himself on teaching through interactive live coding.

Modern Tech

We can provide modern PHP language training, plus all the relevant technologies like databases, Composer and Git. We have intermediate to advanced subjects like unit testing, continuous integration, and virtualising your development environment with Docker or Vagrant.

Learn About Specifics

Need more specific topics around the most popular frameworks and libraries? If you're looking for training in Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework or more general framework-less techniques (why be tied to one product?) -- we've got you covered.

Bespoke Training

Our bespoke training can be tailored to suit your needs - from an afternoon refreshing existing knowledge to a week of intense boot camp style training; we can deliver what you need. Our experts are ready to provide exactly the education you need in a friendly and presentable way.

We can deliver what you want, where you need it - we can come to you, or you can come to us!

Want to speak about tailoring a bespoke training package then email [email protected] to arrange a call.

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Arranged Courses

We periodically run our own arranged courses to allow individuals and smaller teams the chance to learn at a more reasonable cost:

Unleashing Zend Expressive

This two-day course uses interactive coding to introduce and then looks in detail at Zend Expressive 2. We start by looking at the foundations of the framework and then turn our attention to how middleware works and provides the power and flexibility in Expressive. You will learn how to build a well-rounded website using the rich eco-system of components from Zend Framework and elsewhere with Composer integration.

Building APIs

This two-day course has hands-on exercises to introduce API building with PHP. We start by looking at HTTP and how APIs work and then turn our attention to building one out in PHP. You'll leave with a solid understanding of API theory, and your own API built using what you've learned.

Introducing Zend Framework

This two or three-day course uses hands-on exercises to introduce and then looks in detail at Zend Framework 3. We start by looking at the foundations of the framework and then turn our attention to new modular-based MVC application system to provide attendees with a good understanding of Zend Framework. We also look at some of the other components within ZF that make for a more rounded application.

Using Laravel for Rapid Development

A two-day course delivered using hands-on exercises introduces the central concepts of Laravel. Using Laravel's opinionated rapid development concepts attendees will walk away with the knowledge of how to build their own fully functional software-as-a-service offering using Laravel's artisan offerings.

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